Who Do We Service

Hair loss is a common occurrence. If you have experienced hair loss for any reason, don’t feel bad. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. People from all walks of life, with all types of needs, seek out hair replacement systems. Hair loss treatment will improve your looks, feelings, and quality of life.

We provide hair replacement solutions to both men and women.

Men commonly experience baldness, male pattern balding, and/or thinning hair. Women, on the other hand, commonly experience thinning hair. Women also often desire hair extensions to add length to their hair. Sometimes hair loss is hereditary, and sometimes there is another cause, but whatever the reason, our hair restoration techniques offer relief to what you’ve been experiencing lately.

We provide hair replacement solutions to cancer patients.

If you have undergone a cancer treatment such as chemotherapy that causes you to suffer hair loss, don’t worry. You are not alone. We have worked with many cancer patients and assisted them with hair replacement solutions.

We provide hair replacement solutions to alopecia sufferers.

We have much experience in helping alopecia sufferers. In male-pattern hair loss, loss and thinning begin at the temples and the crown and either thins out or falls out. Female-pattern hair loss commonly occurs at the frontal lobe and/or parietal lobe). Our hair restoration treatments greatly assist alopecia sufferers.

Why choose Goodarzi Hair Replacement?

For the past 25 years, we have made our hair replacement systems at home, never in a factory or overseas. We assist politicians, actors, models, cancer patients, and all the regular average Joes and Janes of the world. Our expert matching techniques (for texture, color, and porosity) make us the best hair replacement specialists in the eastern United States.